The Baby Triplets- Las tres Mellizas

An ouchie on my Arm Where’s Teddy bear Grandma’s flowers Mine or yours? I want to play the drum
At the hairdresser’s What a nice sandcastle Kitty’s hungry A monster at home I don’t like it !
Once upon a time Mummy’s doll Thunder and lightning My favourite story Hello chick !
Tick-a-tick-a-tock At the doctor’s A goldfish at home The Christmas present Rabbit’s friend


 Where’s Annie ? Quack Quack At the swimming pool The Kite flies away The Mummy’s clothes
Colours At grandma’s garden Happy birthday ! Dressing up Bring-bring
Let’s play hide and.. Let’s make a cake A bird in the classe Fun at the school One, two, three…
Playing in the snow Tony’s boat
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